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About Us

About Us

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About Istanbul LGBTT Civil Movement

Istanbul LGBTT Solidarity Association is a human rights organisation and self-organisation of transgender people (Trans*) which is independent from governments, political parties and political or religious interests.

Our history

 In 2007, Istanbul LGBTT was founded as a civil initiative. Its founding members have been political Trans* activists for more than 20 years. They have been fighting for the rights of gay, lesbian, bi and trans* and other minorities. They have also founded other organisations e.g. Lambda Istanbul before.

“We founded Istanbul LGBTT to create a non hierachic space for Trans* and to focus on our specific problems in Turkish society”...... . Nevertheless this place is open for all lesbian, gay and bisexual and they are among our members as well


Since 2011 Istanbul LGBTT is officially approved as a legal association by the Istanbul governorship.

Our aims

-to fight against transphobia and homophobia,

- to stop homophobic and transphobic motivated killings and so-called hate crimes and create pressure groups for investigation of the crimes.

-to make Trans* visible

-to develope civil society in Turkey

- to secure our rights in the constitution and reduce the social pressure.

What we do

Istanbul LGBT Solidarity Association provides legal and psychological support for LGBT individuals that suffered by police and community violence and discrimination. We are also monitoring cases. This project is in close connection with amnesty international/Germany.

We are consulting Trans* in questions of daily life and offer counselling also for their relatives.

We also create different projects against human rights violations (here write the examples...) and work on visibility or Trans*. E.g. we initiated the First Trans* Pride in Turkey which started 2010 and will take place every year in June.

We are creating a campaign to make change constitution law and add the issues like “gender identity” and “sexual orientation”. The missions of Istanbul LGBT Solidarity Association to defend lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals the rights, take advantage of positive discrimination, the right to live and work to express in all areas.

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Our Mission

Our Mission The mission of our organization...


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